Lladro Wedding Figurine

Lladro Wedding Figurine

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  • NAO Porcelain A Kiss Forever Collectible Figurine, 02001613 (Figurine Wedding Lladro) BUY NOW

    NAO Porcelain A Kiss Forever Collectible Figurine,

    Porcelain Figurine of a romantic bride and groom about to Kiss. Hand crafted in the Spanish city of Valencia.

  • Brand: NAO
  • ASIN: B009K7WE7G
  • UPC: 722442016134
  • Lladró Together Forever Figurine (Wedding Figurine Lladro) BUY NOW

    Lladró Together Forever

    A newly married couple lovingly look at the ring on the bride’s finger.

  • Color: White and Blue
  • Brand: Lladro
  • ASIN: B000PB2RYG
  • UPC: 789322902222
  • Lladró The Happiest Day Figurine (Figurine Wedding Lladro) BUY NOW

    Lladró The Happiest Day

    Lladro The Happiest Day depicts the groom sweeping his bride off her feet as he carries her on their wedding day. Minute detail in the bride’s pearl necklace and earrings and the decoration of her dress, imitating embroidery. One of the supports for the piece is the train of the bride’s dress. Sculptor: Virginia González Size: 10.75" x 6.75" Issue Year: 2004"

  • Color: NA
  • Brand: Lladro
  • UPC: 737859080296
  • Lladró Everlasting Love Figurine (Wedding Lladro Figurine) BUY NOW

    Lladró Everlasting Love

    Contemporary young couple waiting to be photographed on their wedding day.

  • Color: White and Blue
  • Brand: Lladro
  • ASIN: B000SOCTD4
  • UPC: 737859082740
  • Lladro Forever Yours Porcelain Figurine/Cake Topper (Figurine Wedding Lladro) BUY NOW

    Lladro Forever Yours Porcelain Figurine/Cake

    Lladró's most famous creations are its porcelains with soft coloring and smooth finish which have seduced millions of people over the decades. A young bride and groom pose for their wedding photo. The affectionate pose, with their hands entwined, transmits the promise of eternal love. First issued in 2007, Forever Yours measures 9.75" x 4".

  • Brand: Lladro
  • ASIN: B001E5SOSU
  • UPC: 737859083327
  • Lladró Kissing Doves Figurine (Figurine Lladro Wedding) BUY NOW

    Lladró Kissing Doves

    Couple of doves, side by side, looking into each others eyes to form a heart shape. Great as a wedding gift.

  • Color: White/ Multi
  • Brand: Lladro
  • ASIN: B000PB0YMI
  • UPC: 737859011696
  • Lladró Wedding Bells Figurine (Lladro Wedding Figurine) BUY NOW

    Lladró Wedding Bells

    A bride an dgroom caketopper.

  • Color: n/a
  • Brand: Lladr
  • ASIN: B000PAWYT0
  • UPC: 737859061646
  • Lladró Happy Anniversary Figurine (Wedding Figurine Lladro) BUY NOW

    Lladró Happy Anniversary

    The popular lladro Figurine, happy anniversary, has been redone with the re-deco finish. The different decoration creates a whole new perspective on this classic piece. Like all lladro figurines are the result of an intense artistic process by skilled and talented artisans. Each figure features the exquisite detail and finish that make lladro figurines arguably the finest in the market place. Made at the famous lladro porcelain factory in Valencia, Spain. Comes in original box and packaging.

  • Color: Mixed
  • Brand: Lladro
  • ASIN: B000PB2RPU
  • UPC: 737859064753
  • Lladro Figurine, 4808 Wedding, Bride and groom (Lladro Figurine Wedding) BUY NOW

    Lladro Figurine, 4808 Wedding, Bride and

    Lladro fine porcelain figurines created by master artisians.

  • Color: N/a
  • Brand: Lladro
  • Lladro Wedding 04808 Bride and Groom (Lladro Wedding Figurine) BUY NOW

    Lladro Wedding 04808 Bride and

    WEDDING Issue Year: 1972 Retirement Year: 2005 Sculptor: Julio Fernández Size: 20x9 cm

  • Color: Stock
  • Brand: Lladro
  • ASIN: B00BP5RX6S
  • UPC: 737859048081

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