Japanese Medium Tank

Japanese Medium Tank

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  • Tamiya Models Chi Ha Type 97 Tank (Japanese) (Japanese Medium Tank) BUY NOW

    Tamiya Models Chi Ha Type 97 Tank

    The Chi Ha Type 97 was a medium tank used by the Japanese during their war with China and during the Second World War. The Chi Ha Type 97 was produced from 1938 to 1943. A total of 1,162 Chi Ha Type 97 were produced.

  • Brand: Tamiya Models
  • ASIN: B000LFUD74
  • UPC: 795864888207
  • Tamiya Models Japanese Type 97 Med Tank 1/35 (Medium Tank Japanese) BUY NOW

    Tamiya Models Japanese Type 97 Med Tank

    1/35 scale. Type 97 Japanese Medium tank (Late Version) Tamiya. Imperial Japanese Army Chi-Ha medium tank, later Shinhoto variant armed with improved 47mm gun in an enlarged turret. Kit has crisp raised and engraved exterior surface features, detailed running gear (including multi-part bogies and sprockets), vinyl track lengths, rear deck radiator face with louvered grille, optional position turret hatches and view port shields, separately molded on-vehicle tools/equipment, rear tool bin, pivoting machine gun barrels (hull and rear turret face), adjustable elevation main gun and optional anti-aircraft machine gun. Decals and painting guide for (13) IJA vehicles: 7th Tank Regiment, Luzon (x2); 1st Tank Regiment, Manchuria and Japan (x3); 13th Tank Regiment, Northern China (x4); 5th Tank Regiment, Manchuria and Japan; 9th Tank Regiment, Saipan; 10th Tank Regiment, Manchuria and 11th Tank Regiment, Kuriles

  • Brand: Tamiya Models
  • ASIN: B00061H46G
  • Revell Japanese A6M5 Zero Plastic Model Kit (Medium Tank Japanese) BUY NOW

    Revell Japanese A6M5 Zero Plastic Model

    When the Zero was designed, pilot survivability was not forefront in the minds of its creators. Speed, armament, maneuverability-all of these characteristics were at the absolute peak of their development, but the Zero's lack of armor made it extremely vulnerable to return fire. As losses mounted, Japan simply ran out of trained pilots leaving the aeronautic engineering marvels that were the Zero firmly on the ground.

  • Brand: Revell
  • UPC: 031445052675
  • Dragon Models IJN Type 2 Amphibious Tank (Ka-Mi) with Floating Pontoon Early Production Building Kit, Scale 1/72 (Tank Medium Japanese) BUY NOW

    Dragon Models IJN Type 2 Amphibious Tank (Ka-Mi) with Floating Pontoon Early Production Building Kit, Scale

    Features: - Exquisite Type 2 w/floating pontoons newly produced - Exhaust pipe w/photo-etched cover realistically produced - Intricate hydroscope molded on turret - Delicate conning tower included - Rail on front pontoon included - Hatch on upper hull can be assembled open/closed - Inhection-molded float attachments w/crisp details - True-to-scale ultra-thin propellers - One-piece upper hull made from 3-directional slide mold - Ventilation grill produced in maximum detail - 3-directional slide-molded one-piece lower hull - Intricate idler wheels and return rollers accurately produced - Sprocket wheels w/breathtaking detail - Suspension system offers easy assembly - One-piece DS track reproduced

  • Brand: Dragon Models USA
  • ASIN: B00A2R81O8
  • UPC: 089195874856
  • BMC WW2 Iwo Jima Plastic Army Men - Island, Tanks & Soldiers 72pc Playset (Tank Medium Japanese) BUY NOW

    BMC WW2 Iwo Jima Plastic Army Men - Island, Tanks & Soldiers 72pc

    From the BMC Toys AMERICAN HERO COLLECTOR SERIES, a fierce conflict that included the most iconic moment from the Pacific War theater: The BATTLE OF IWO JIMA 72 piece plastic army men playset contains 24 United Stated Marines in olive drab, 24 Japanese Soldiers in tan, and features 6 Marines raising the American flag. The set also includes a dark green M4 Sherman Tank with a turret that rotates, gray LVT-2 Amtrac Amphibious Vehicle with 3 machine guns, 2 flags with bases, 2 small rock formations, 8 sandbag stacks, 2 barbed wire fences, 2 mortars, and a large Mount Suribachi. The mountain features beach landing areas and a removable top that conceals a warren of hidden enemy bunkers.All pieces are about 1:32nd scale and made from fairly stiff, very durable, polypropylene plastic with lots of authentic detail and almost no flashing. Figures stand up to 2.45 inches tall. The Sherman Tank measures 7.5 x 3.5 x 3.75 inches tall, and the Amtrak measures 9.2 x 3.9 x 3.5 inches tall. The mountain measures 19 x 15.5 x 5.5 inches high. This playset was adapted from the original SANDS OF IWO JIMA fine metal and polystone miniature designs and is officially licensed by King & Country.BMC Toys was founded by Bill McMaster in 1991 and specializes in producing historically accurate plastic army ...

  • Color: Olive Drab / Tan
  • Brand: BMC Toys
  • ASIN: B07GD5LZM4
  • UPC: 741801400360
  • Airfix Nakajima B5N1 Kate 1:72 Military Aircraft Plastic Model Kit (Tank Japanese Medium) BUY NOW

    Airfix Nakajima B5N1 Kate 1:72 Military Aircraft Plastic Model

    When the Nakajima B5N1 torpedo bomber entered service in 1937, it was the most advanced aircraft of its type in the world. Known by its Allied reporting name of ‘Kate', the B5N1 proved devastatingly effective in the early Pacific engagements of WWII. Known as the Type 97 Carrier Attack Bomber, the B5N1 ‘Kate' was the main Japanese naval attack aircraft of the war and was to take a heavy toll of Allied shipping. Even though it served throughout WWII, the ‘Kate' was obsolete by the time newer American fighters entered the Pacific War but it was forced to continue fighting, as an effective replacement aircraft was not available to the Japanese Navy.

  • Brand: Airfix
  • ASIN: B018G91866
  • Imperial Japanese Tank Hunter Miniatures (Medium Japanese Tank) BUY NOW

    Imperial Japanese Tank Hunter

    Imperial Japanese tank hunters•Package contents:24 x metal miniatures (5 man command squad and A3 section squad figures)•Package Info:-Product is for use in the Bolt Action table top game-Models are supplied unpainted, and require assembly-Any scenery shown, paint, or glue is not included Bolt Action Products by Warlord Games.

  • Brand: Bolt Action
  • ASIN: B00G39X31U
  • Dragon Models IJN Type 2 BUY NOW

    Dragon Models IJN Type 2 "Ka-Mi" with Floating Pontoon Late Production Ormoc Leyte, Philippines 1944 Model Kit (1/72

    The "Ka Mi" was the first amphibious tank used by the Imperial Japanese Navy (IJN), and it was based on the Type 95 "Ha-Go "light tank. It was designed for Japanese landing forces performing amphibious invasions of Pacific Islands and regular port facilities. Production of the Type 2 commenced in 1942 and a total of 184 amphibious tanks were made, although the design was too late to participate in Japan's island-hopping campaign. When used in water, large pontoons were attached to the glacis plate and rear deck to give it a top speed of 10km/h in water. These pontoons could be shed as soon as the vehicle reached land.

  • Brand: Dragon Models USA
  • ASIN: B00R0XKKG4
  • UPC: 089195606105
  • Iwako Japanese Erasers /Sea Animals & Aquarium / Total 14 Erasers Value Set(With Our Shop Original Product Description) (Japanese Tank Medium) BUY NOW

    Iwako Japanese Erasers /Sea Animals & Aquarium / Total 14 Erasers Value Set(With Our Shop Original Product

    Aquarium Includes Whale shark x 2 ,Sea turtle x 2 ,Manta, & 2 Coral (Total 7 Pieces);Sea Animals Includes seal, whale, two dolphins, penguin and two sun fish (Total 7 Pieces);Super cute erasers are made with recyclable non-PVC material, lead and phthalate free;Iwako has been making erasers in Japan for over 40 years

  • Brand: Iwako
  • ASIN: B00OYST550
  • UPC: 772223686964
  • Tamiya Models Pzkfw IV Ausf D Model Kit (Medium Tank Japanese) BUY NOW

    Tamiya Models Pzkfw IV Ausf D Model

    He later models of the Pzkpw IV series have become the best known and the most frequently modelled variants. These were the tanks that took part in all the bit tank battles of World War II and formed the backbone of Hitler's Panzer divisions.

  • Brand: Tamiya Models
  • ASIN: B000WN5AF0

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