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  • Fairy Realm #2: The Flower Fairies (Fairy Realm (Paperback)) (Realm Fairy Series) BUY NOW

    Fairy Realm #2: The Flower Fairies (Fairy Realm

    The Fairy Realm needs Jessie's help: The griffins that guard the treasure house are out of control! Then, just when Jessie thinks things are back to normal, the youngest flower fairies follow Jessie out of the Realm. Can Jessie protect them from the dangers of her own world?

  • Brand: Harper Collins
  • ASIN: 0060095881
  • Fairy Realm #1: The Charm Bracelet (Fairy Realm (Paperback)) (Realm Fairy Series) BUY NOW

    Fairy Realm #1: The Charm Bracelet (Fairy Realm

    When Jessie visits her grandmother's house, Blue Moon, she discovers an amazing secret, and enters the Fairy Realm for the first time. All kinds of magical beings live in the Realm, and a noble Queen in a great golden palace rules them all.But the Realm is in danger, and Jessie must outwit an evil enemy to save it before it's destroyed forever!

  • Brand: Harper Collins
  • ASIN: 0060095857
  • Fairy Realm: The Third Wish / The Last Fairy- Apple Tree / The Unicorn / The Star Cloak / The Water Sprites (Realm Fairy Series) BUY NOW

    Fairy Realm: The Third Wish / The Last Fairy- Apple Tree / The Unicorn / The Star Cloak / The Water

    Presents ten volumes of the popular series featuring Jessie's adventures in the magical Fairy Realm.

  • ASIN: 1599613220
  • The Unicorn (Fairy Realm, Book 6) (Realm Fairy Series) BUY NOW

    The Unicorn (Fairy Realm, Book

    Enter the Realm of fantasyIn Jessie's last visit to the Fairy Realm she discovered a part of the Realm she had never seen before. And she helped the rainbow fairies find a lost treasure. Now the Realm is in tremendous danger. And so is the human world! The evil creatures of the Outlands are planning an attack. So Jessie must make an impossible decision. Should she try to save the human world, or the Realm? She knows she can't save both. Or can she -- with the help of the powerful unicorns? But the unicorns are such secretive creatures. Can Jessie possibly convince them to help?

  • ASIN: 0060095989
  • The Third Wish (Fairy Realm No. 3) (Realm Series Fairy) BUY NOW

    The Third Wish (Fairy Realm No.

    Enter the Realm of AdventureJessie's helped the magical people of the Realm to escape danger twice now -- she's a real hero to her friends there.But now her own world is in danger. Forest fires threaten her beloved home, Blue Moon. And only the magic of the realm can help her.

  • ASIN: 006009589X
  • The Magic Key (Fairy Realm No. 5) (Fairy Realm Series) BUY NOW

    The Magic Key (Fairy Realm No.

    Enter the realm of enchantment.Jessie returns to the magical Realm for the fifth time. The magic of the Realm has rescued her home from terrible fires, and she has saved the Realm's magical people from a wicked imposter, kept the griffin guards under control, and saved the fairy-apple trees. Now it's Jessie's birthday, and she finds herself chasing a rainbow. She's got to get to the end before it fades, or she may never get home! Then there are the Rainbow Fairies, who desperately need Jessie's help to find a lost magic treasure. Until it's found, they'll never get back to the secret garden.

  • ASIN: 0060095954
  • The Last Fairy-Apple Tree (Fairy Realm, No. 4) (Fairy Realm Series) BUY NOW

    The Last Fairy-Apple Tree (Fairy Realm, No.

    Enter the realm of wonder.Jessie's had amazing adventures in the magical Realm. She's flown with the flower fairies and swum with the mermaids! Now Jessie's grandmother senses something wrong in the Realm. The gnomes that grow the fairy-apple trees in the Hidden Valley are in trouble, and not even the Queen can help them! Jessie and her friends must travel to the Hidden Valley to find out what's wrong and help the gnomes. Along the way, they travel through secret passages to a wild part of the Realm -- and meet the storytelling furry bears of Brill.

  • ASIN: 006009592X
  • The Star Cloak (Fairy Realm No. 7) (Realm Fairy Series) BUY NOW

    The Star Cloak (Fairy Realm No.

    Every year the Realm has a great festival, called the Night of Wishes, when Queen Helena puts on the precious Star Cloak and by its magic is able to grant wishes. This year, though, there's a problem: it's the night before the festival, and Giff the elf has accidentally damaged the Cloak!Jessie knows that to save the Night of Wishes, she must get the Star Cloak repaired by the night-dwelling star fairies of Stardust Mountain, the makers of the Cloak and the only ones who are able to fix it. She doesn't have much time -- can she save the Realm's special night?

  • Brand: Harper Collins
  • ASIN: 0060777583
  • Fairy Realm #8: The Water Sprites (Series Realm Fairy) BUY NOW

    Fairy Realm #8: The Water

    The Water Sprites are angry. Their Moon Stone has been stolen! They won't return any thing that floats down to their Finding Pool until the stone is returned. Will Jessie be able to help the Water Sprites before they take something precious?

  • ASIN: 0060777613
  • Faded Realms: The Fated Wings Series Book 5 (Realm Series Fairy) BUY NOW

    Faded Realms: The Fated Wings Series Book

    Eva is in search of her past. Every time she thinks she has it figured out, something comes up that changes everything. A daughter, a lover, a queen; each part of her story fluctuates like the wind. When a new secret of her past is revealed, will it alter everything she has come to know? And will she ever discover the connections to the men that now reside in a place inside her soul? Join Eva in her journey into the faded realms. Sometimes things are better off staying hidden...

  • ASIN: B07JYDG9H5
  • Hopeless Realm: A Reverse Harem Series (The Hopeless Series Book 3) (Realm Fairy Series) BUY NOW

    Hopeless Realm: A Reverse Harem Series (The Hopeless Series Book

    The fae world isn’t fueled by magic. It’s fueled by fear.The Hopeless realm isn’t at all what Zakara expected it to be. And neither is she. The powers of the Eminence are hard to harness and she needs them now more than ever.Survival of the human world suddenly depends on her.But more dangers lurk in the realm than they realize.This is a full length novel, book three of a reverse harem series. Recommended for readers 18 and over.

  • ASIN: B07B5ZF976
  • Fairy Realm, the Charm Bracelet (Realm Fairy Series) BUY NOW

    Fairy Realm, the Charm

  • ASIN: B002HZU3TO
  • Hook: Exiles of the Realm (Fairy Realm Series) BUY NOW

    Hook: Exiles of the Realm

    This might not be Neverland, but then again, he's not your mother's Captain Hook.Infamous thief, James Hook knows all about chaos. Back in the Fae Realm, he wove enough trouble to earn himself a one-way ticket to exile. Now he’s been banished to a world without magic, and his only hope of getting back home hinges on stealing the heart of the one woman who seems immune to his charm.Mercy Herrera’s daily life is a well-ordered machine. Between work, volunteering, and finishing her degree, she doesn’t have room for distractions. So when a dangerously seductive stranger sweeps into her life promising the solutions to all her problems, Mercy doesn’t have time for his antics. Not until mysterious forces upend her world–the kind her rational mind tell her can’t possibly exist.But when a simple mistake turns into a disaster, the pair are thrust into the fight of their lives, and forced to make a gut-wrenching decision–risk their hearts, or stand alone against fate.***Part thrilling fantasy, part romantic comedy, and filled with plenty of action, HOOK is the first novel in the Exiles of the Realm paranormal romance series.***

  • ASIN: B01MS6PX4Q
  • Pixie-Led : Book 2 in the Twilight Court Series (Fairy Realm Series) BUY NOW

    Pixie-Led : Book 2 in the Twilight Court

    Return to the exciting Twilight CourtExtinguisher Seren Sloane's life is on a new path. She has become Princess Seren Bloodthorn of the Twilight Court, Ambassador between the warring courts of Seelie and Unseelie, as well as between the Human and Fairy Realms. Her life is complicated but it becomes even more so when she uncovers a fairy plot to destroy the human race. Soon the chase is on but will her path lead her to the villain or will she find herself pixie-led in a never ending circle of confusion?Grab your copy today and experience a whole new fairy tale

  • ASIN: B016XIFFY8
  • Watercolor Fairy Art: How to Bring Your Fairy Realm Art to Life (Realm Fairy Series) BUY NOW

    Watercolor Fairy Art: How to Bring Your Fairy Realm Art to

    Watercolor paint has a life of its own. The colors blossom and bloom on the page. They mix and bleed, dance and shimmer, some showing through, some sinking back into the hollows of the paper. What better medium for capturing the magical and enchanting world of fairies? Here, illustrator and art instructor Sara Burrier shows the artist how to harness the magic of watercolor with tried and tested rules that artists can use to take their fairy art to the next level. Inside, she covers:The Rules of Drawing--from tools, materials, and gathering inspiration to drawing fairy poses, gestures, wings, and costumesThe Rules of Watercolor--choosing a color palette, prepping the workspace, and techniques for adding texture, volume, and other detailsThe Rules of Other Fairy Artists--this unique section explores the secrets of professional artists and showcases their workRules are conveyed as quick tips, informative demonstrations, and even simple exercises, making Watercolor Fairy Art a comprehensive and accessible manual for artists of all capabilities. Gorgeous, full-color art throughout.

  • Brand: Barron s Educational Series
  • ASIN: 1438004362
  • The Guardian of the Realm (Geronimo Stilton and the Kingdom of Fantasy #11) (Series Realm Fairy) BUY NOW

    The Guardian of the Realm (Geronimo Stilton and the Kingdom of Fantasy

    During Geronimo's training on the Balanced Path, he learned that Queen Blossom has had a baby! The Kingdom of Fantasy had a new princess named Winglet!But just after she was born, the princess was kidnapped from her crib in the castle. Geronimo traveled to the castle to help figure out who took Princess Winglet and return her to her loving parents as quickly as possible. Would his training be enough to get him up to the task?

  • ASIN: 1338215019
  • In the Realm of the Never Fairies: The Secret World of Pixie Hollow (Disney Fairies) (Series Fairy Realm) BUY NOW

    In the Realm of the Never Fairies: The Secret World of Pixie Hollow (Disney

    With a sprinkle of pixie dust, youngsters can travel to the secret--and magical--land of the Never fairies where they will learn about the lifestyle and habits of these enchanting creatures.

  • Brand: Disney Press
  • ASIN: 0786847654
  • The Water Sprites: Fairy Realm Series 2, Book 2 (Realm Series Fairy) BUY NOW

    The Water Sprites: Fairy Realm Series 2, Book

    When Jessie found a secret door in her grandmother's garden, she was amazed to find it led to the magical world of the Realm. She's had plenty of adventures since that day, but there's always more excitement!

  • ASIN: B008P9MY34
  • Faerie Realm (The Changeling Chronicles Book 3) (Fairy Series Realm) BUY NOW

    Faerie Realm (The Changeling Chronicles Book

    I feared that using my magic would bring me closer to the faerie realm I tried so desperately to escape. I was right.I made a promise to a faerie, and they’ve come to deliver. A powerful talisman has disappeared, and without it, the faeries in this realm are losing their magic. Getting involved wasn't on my plan, but if I refuse to help the faeries find the talisman, I’ll die.To make things more complicated, shifters are being killed by a mysterious masked faerie, and all signs point to a connection with the missing talisman. To find the killer and help the half-faeries, I must unlock the full extent of the magic I once feared, even if it means leaving the Mage Lord determined to stand at my side. Even if it takes me to Faerie’s most dangerous path…

  • ASIN: B01HWK2AN0
  • Under A Fairy Moon (The Median Realms Series) (Series Fairy Realm) BUY NOW

    Under A Fairy Moon (The Median Realms

    Winner of the Gelett Burgess Children's Book Award 2012 (fantasy) and the Canadian Christian Writing Awards 2012 (Young Adult) .... Addy Marten sets out to explore her new neighbor's beautiful garden, and especially the rows of mysterious stone statues that she has glimpsed through her bedroom window. Instead of the enticing hideaway she has imagined, however, she finds herself trapped in the Median Realms, and an unwilling pawn in a game of Fairy Chess. She must use all her courage and wits to win the game and free herself from malicious fairy creatures and their twisted fairy-tale world. -- “A misbehaving pixie named Enitua steals the limelight as the novel's most precocious character and later becomes a key ally in guarding the human's safety.” -- Publishers Weekly Reviewer (Amazon Breakthrough Novel Awards, 2010)

  • Brand: Brand: Brownridge Publishing Inc.
  • ASIN: 0986865745
  • The Peskie Spell (Fairy Realm No.9) (Realm Series Fairy) BUY NOW

    The Peskie Spell (Fairy Realm

    The magical world of the Realm has a terrible problem -- a plague of mischievous, troublemaking Peskies. A wild west wind has brought the tiny creatures down from the hills in the thousands. They're making life in the Realm impossible, and eating up all the magic!It's been hundreds of years since the last Peskie plague, and even Queen Helena doesn't know what to do. Then Jessie comes up with an answer: an old, forgotten spell that will lead her and her friends on a fascinating journey -- and straight into trouble.

  • ASIN: 0060777648
  • The Rainbow Wand (Fairy Realm No.10) (Series Realm Fairy) BUY NOW

    The Rainbow Wand (Fairy Realm

    Ahuman child has become lost in the Realm and it's up to Jessie to find her. With the help of the magical Rainbow Wand, Jessie sets off to save the day -- only to discover a terrible secret that threatens the peace and safety of the Fairy Realm.

  • ASIN: 0060777680
  • All for a Rose (The Blood Realm Series Book 1) (Realm Fairy Series) BUY NOW

    All for a Rose (The Blood Realm Series Book

    He’s neither man nor beast.She can’t escape him…and she doesn’t want to.A witch’s curse took everything from Damon. Once a protector of the weak, the dragon shifter is now trapped between forms, a half man-half beast. A monster rejecting human contact. Until a trespasser collapses on his doorstep. And not just any trespasser…The father of the witch who cursed him.Maribel wants out of her sister the witch’s shadow. Even taking her her father’s place as a draconic lord’s prisoner feels like freedom compared to a life that revolves around someone else. Besides, Daman doesn’t scare her.Much. Damon is furious when he finds he’s bargained for the wrong sister. But Maribel’s determined joy and refusal to turn away from him slowly creeps past his defenses. Soon Damon finds himself falling under a spell of an entirely different nature. Now he has a decision to make. Will he choose love?Or revenge… Start the Blood Realm series now, with All for a Rose. Because you’re going to love this beast…

  • ASIN: B014LJH2F6
  • The Realm Below: The Rise of Tanipestis (The Space Between Series Book 2) (Realm Series Fairy) BUY NOW

    The Realm Below: The Rise of Tanipestis (The Space Between Series Book

    His powers diminished and his form greatly changed, Satan bides his time until he can return to his terrible strength and his kingdom of followers. Cautiously hopeful of Satan’s defeat, the Penitents have resumed their lives in the Space Between, while contending with new additions and the tragic loss of one at the Keep. In the Realm Below, chaos reigns among the leaderless demons. The monster Tanipestis, no longer under Satan’s thumb, sees an opportunity to disturb the balance of power among the Fallen. When Satan discovers his disciples can be easily led astray, he decides to reinvent himself. And what he does next will set off a desperate search across three worlds.

  • ASIN: B07L8MPVZ9
  • Savage (Badland Heroes Book 1) (Fairy Realm Series) BUY NOW

    Savage (Badland Heroes Book

    When the attacks started, Prince Astar hired an investigator to solve the crimes. When the third investigator went missing he knew he had to try something different. He decided to hire Kyra, a smart and sassy woman, who also happens to be a thief. Kyra wants the job, it pays well and is far more interesting than sneaking around and copying people’s signatures. But she has no intention of being the fourth dead investigator, so she needs protection. Kyra turns to the one man even mercenaries fear: Bazur, a solitary mercenary half-orc, infamous for his barroom brawls. Together they might solve the problem of the mysterious attacks on the prince's associates, but only if they can ignore the building chemistry between them and survive the attacks on their lives!(* For readers of the Stoneblood and Dragonblood Sagas: This story contains adult situations and violence and is not intended for younger readers.*)

  • ASIN: B01L7KT3BI
  • Witch Queen (Divided Realms Series Book 2) (Series Realm Fairy) BUY NOW

    Witch Queen (Divided Realms Series Book

    Witch Queen is a rich fantasy perfect for fans of Throne of Glass, Graceling and The Girl of Fire and Thorns.ELENA SURVIVED THE GREAT RACE and the clutches of the high priests, but at a cost. The Heart of Arcania, the most powerful magical stone in the land is now in the hands of the wicked priests. But worse—Jon is captured. The black blight is a scar on the world, infecting everything with its black magic, festering until no living thing can endure, and Elena might be the only key to stopping it. She quickly finds herself thrust into a mystery that could shake her world apart…and potentially unleash a greater evil.

  • ASIN: B01AYB6F9O
  • War of the Realms (Valkyrie) (Fairy Series Realm) BUY NOW

    War of the Realms (Valkyrie)

    Freya and the Valkyries must stop a war before two worlds are destroyed in this third book of an exciting series that School Library Journal described as perfect for “those looking for Rick Riordan read-alikes.”In the world of Asgard, living among Odin, Thor, and Loki, are the Valkyries of legend. They are Norse goddesses who reap the fallen souls from human battlefields and have the power to cause death with just one touch. At the end of The Runaway, Freya and the Valkyries were about to leave the human world when they learned that the Frost Giants, Fire Giants, and Dark Searchers had united to declare war on the Realms. Bitfrost, the legendary rainbow bridge linking the human world to Asgard, had been closed. With their only entry back to Asgard barred, how can the Valkyries get back to fight to protect their homeland? Loki claims he knows a secret route but can they trust him? And even if they found a way—is there anything they can do to stop the war? As the War of the Realms spills over into Earth, Freya and the Valkyries must find a way to save not just the Norse world but the human world as well. With everything at stake, can Freya become the Hero she was destined to be?

  • ASIN: 1481447432
  • Blood Prophecy: Book 2 of The Witch Fairy Series (Fairy Realm Series) BUY NOW

    Blood Prophecy: Book 2 of The Witch Fairy

    The Fairy mercenaries may be back in their own realm, but the Witches still want Xandra dead.Fearing an ancient prophecy, the Witches are determined to keep Xandra from destroying the world. Still new to her magical powers, she must learn to use her Witch magic in order to protect herself and those she loves. Now, if only she can get her magic to cooperate.Once again, Xandra is tasked with determining who is friend and who is foe as she faces this new threat. Not to mention digging around in the family skeleton closet to find out what else she's never been told. In the end, will she be powerful enough to take on the eight most powerful Witches in the world?

  • ASIN: B005LY7VXE
  • Blood Magic (Divided Realms Series Book 3) (Fairy Realm Series) BUY NOW

    Blood Magic (Divided Realms Series Book

    An electrifying fantasy tale filled with shocking twists, heart-pounding action and magic—perfect for fans of Throne of Glass, Graceling and The Girl of Fire and Thorns.Elena survived the witch king's clutches and the deadly witch trials to return to Gray Haven. Yet, she is far from her heart's desire—to save the man she loves. As she and her daring companions take one last quest into enemy territory to save Jon, Elena will face hardships she's never imagined. Meanwhile, as rumors of monstrous forces gather on the horizon, an unspeakable tragedy shatters Elena's world. A darkness grows in Elena's soul, caused by the awakening of the black magic within her and soon finds herself on a deadly path, at risk of becoming exactly the kind of monster she is trying to kill. But if Elena can't find the strength to fight not only the darkness inside her, but the evil about to be unleashed, it could mean the end of everything.“Five (HUGE) Boundless Stars. Intensity drips from every page in Blood Magic. It made me anxious, with life and death decisions at every corner…The magic has yet faded in this series.” -- Boundless Book Reviews

  • ASIN: B01KI4JZ6C
  • Light of the Last: Wars of the Realm, Book 3 (Fairy Series Realm) BUY NOW

    Light of the Last: Wars of the Realm, Book

    To Fight What Others Can’t You Must See What Others Don’tAfter an accident left him temporarily blind, Drew Carter didn’t just regain his sight. He now sees what others can’t imagine–an entire spiritual realm of mighty beings at war.   Forget the gift, Drew just wants his life back. Part of that involves Sydney Carlyle, a woman he is inexplicably drawn to. When he’s offered the chance to become a CIA agent, it seems the way to redeem his past. The only problem–his visions of the supernatural realm are increasing in frequency.   It’s up to the warrior angel Validus and his hand-picked team of heavenly agents to protect the unbelieving Drew. Validus now knows that the young man is at the epicenter of a global spiritual war, and the angels must use a millennia of battle experience keep Drew alive, for the Fallen want him dead.   Surrounded by spiritual warriors and targeted by demons, Drew’s faced with an impossible decision that will forever alter the destiny of America...and his own soul.

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: WaterBrook Press
  • ASIN: 1601425066

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