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  • Buffalo Bill's Wild West: Celebrity, Memory, and Popular History (Wild Bills West Buffalo) BUY NOW

    Buffalo Bill's Wild West: Celebrity, Memory, and Popular

    A fascinating analysis of the first famous American to erase the boundary between real history and entertainmentCanada, and Europe. Crowds cheered as cowboys and Indians--and Annie Oakley!--galloped past on spirited horses, sharpshooters exploded glass balls tossed high in the air, and cavalry troops arrived just in time to save a stagecoach from Indian attack. Vivid posters on billboards everywhere made William Cody, the show's originator and star, a world-renowned figure.Joy S. Kasson's important new book traces Cody's rise from scout to international celebrity, and shows how his image was shaped. Publicity stressed his show's "authenticity" yet audiences thrilled to its melodrama; fact and fiction converged in a performance that instantly became part of the American tradition.But how, precisely, did that come about? How, for example, did Cody use his audience's memories of the Civil War and the Indian wars? He boasted that his show included participants in the recent conflicts it presented theatrically, yet he also claimed it evoked "memories" of America's bygone greatness. Kasson's shrewd, engaging study--richly illustrated--in exploring the disappearing boundary between entertainment and public events in American culture, shows us just how we came to imagine our memories.

  • Brand: Joy S Kasson
  • ASIN: 0809032449
  • Buffalo Bill's Wild West: An American Legend- Featuring the Michael Del Castello Collection of the American West (Wild Buffalo Bills West) BUY NOW

    Buffalo Bill's Wild West: An American Legend- Featuring the Michael Del Castello Collection of the American

    No theme in history has captured the imagination like the American West, and no presentation of the drama            surpassed the original Wild West shows. In this unparalleled theater, the cast of characters were themselves authentic heroes: Buffalo Bill Cody, Texas Jack Omohundro, Wild Bill Hickok, Captain A. H. Bogardus, Annie Oakley, Doc Carver ("Evil Spirit of the Plains"), Lillian Smith, Captain Jack Crawford ("Poet Scout of the Plains"), Sitting Bull and hordes of Indians, Pawnee Bill, and May Lillie. These pioneer stars and superstars were predecessors to the Western film and television personalities of later times, and to the troupe in the contemporary extravaganza at Disneyland/Paris.   Buffalo Bill's Wild West is a panoramic celebration of these colorful characters, who created the image of the West for Americans, and for the world. The book also celebrates the exciting and often flamboyant accoutrements and costumes, which were part and parcel of the stars' public appearance, and honors such characters as William Mathewson, recognized even by Cody himself as the "original Buffalo Bill."    The lavish illustrations feature the Michael Del Castello Collection of the American West, with portfolios of treasures from the Buffalo Bill Museum (Buffalo Bill...

  • ASIN: 0375501061
  • Buffalo Bill and the Wild West, (Wild Buffalo Bills West) BUY NOW

    Buffalo Bill and the Wild

    A decent first editoin in a used jacket. No markings. Light wear.

  • ASIN: B0006AU9L4
  • Presenting Buffalo Bill: The Man Who Invented the Wild West (Bills Buffalo Wild West) BUY NOW

    Presenting Buffalo Bill: The Man Who Invented the Wild

    Everyone knows the name Buffalo Bill, but few these days know what he did or, in some cases, didn't do. Was he a Pony Express rider? Did he serve Custer at the Battle of Little Big Horn? Did he scalp countless Native Americans, or did he defend their rights?This, the first significant biography of Buffalo Bill Cody for younger readers in many years, explains it all. With copious archival illustrations and a handsome design, Presenting Buffalo Bill makes the great showman come alive for new generations. Extensive back matter, bibliography, and source notes complete the package. This title has Common Core connections.

  • ASIN: 1596437634
  • Annie Oakley and Buffalo Bill's Wild West (Wild West Bills Buffalo) BUY NOW

    Annie Oakley and Buffalo Bill's Wild

    "You are a very, very clever little girl." — Queen Victoria to Annie OakleyHer life was the stuff of legend — from humble Quaker origins in Darke County, Ohio, Annie Oakley (nee Phoebe Ann Moses) rose to the heights of renown as a world-famous entertainer and featured performer with Buffalo Bill's Wild West extravaganza. Her self-discipline, showmanship, and legendary gifts as a sharpshooter earned her the adulation of millions; yet to close friends she was always a generous, gentle woman. She excelled in a man's sport but never lost her feminine appeal. This volume provides a wonderful behind-the-scenes look at the life and career of Annie Oakley — her impoverished girlhood, long and devoted marriage to Frank Butler, early years with the Sells Brothers Circus, and especially seventeen years spent touring with Buffalo Bill (William F. Cody), playing to packed arenas in America and Europe. More than 100 rare photographs, posters, handbills, and other memorabilia document Annie, Buffalo Bill, Johnnie Baker, and other members of the famous troupe; the show on tour in Europe; Annie's celebrated trick shots, famous visitors, etc. In a career that spanned more than 40 years (1882–1925), Annie Oakley accumulated a remarkable store of memorable experiences: command performances ...

  • ASIN: 0486241203
  • UPC: 800759241200
  • Many Loves of Buffalo Bill: The True Of Story Of Life On The Wild West Show (Buffalo Bills Wild West) BUY NOW

    Many Loves of Buffalo Bill: The True Of Story Of Life On The Wild West

    “What we want to do is give our women even more liberty than they have. Let them do any kind of work that they see fit, and if they do it as well as men, give them the same pay.”―William F. Cody, 1899With rough-riding cowboys, sure shots, and fantastic reenactments of battles and train robberies, Buffalo Bill Cody brought the myth of the Old West to life for audiences all over the world―and some of the most popular cowboys in his Wild West Show were young ladies. Cody surrounded himself with strong, intelligent, talented, beautiful women―and this revealing portrait tells the stories of his life and of his relationships with many of the trick riders, sharpshooters, and other women associated with the show for which he was famous.

  • Brand: Brand: TwoDot
  • ASIN: 076274815X
  • The Wild West in England (The Papers of William F. BUY NOW

    The Wild West in England (The Papers of William F. "Buffalo Bill"

    Army scout, frontiersman, and hero of the American West, William F. “Buffalo Bill” Cody was also a shrewd self-promoter, showman, and entrepreneur. In 1888 he published The Story of the Wild West, a collection of biographies of four well-known American frontier figures: Daniel Boone, Davy Crockett, Kit Carson, and himself. Cody contributed an abridged version of his 1879 autobiography with an addendum titled The Wild West in England, now available in this stand-alone annotated edition, including all the illustrations from the original text along with photographs of Cody and promotional materials. Here Cody describes his Wild West exhibition, the show that offered audiences a mythic experience of the American frontier. Focusing on the show’s first season of performances in England, Cody includes excerpts of numerous laudatory descriptions of his show from the English press as well as stories of his time spent with British nobility—from private performances for Queen Victoria and the Prince and Princess of Wales to dinners and teas with the elite of London society. He depicts himself as an ambassador of American culture, proclaiming that he and his Wild West show prompted the British to “know more of the mighty nation beyond the Atlantic and . . . to esteem us better tha...

  • ASIN: 0803240546
  • Buffalo Bill's Wild West Poster Annie Oakley Journal: Take Notes, Write Down Memories in this 150 Page Lined Journal (Bills West Buffalo Wild) BUY NOW

    Buffalo Bill's Wild West Poster Annie Oakley Journal: Take Notes, Write Down Memories in this 150 Page Lined

    Journals are great for writing down ideas, taking notes, writing about travels and adventures, describing good and bad times. Writing down your thoughts and ideas is a great way to relieve stress. Journals are good for the soul!

  • ASIN: 1719534802
  • Buffalo Bill's Wild West Warriors (Wild West Buffalo Bills) BUY NOW

    Buffalo Bill's Wild West

    A visual pleasure and a unique insight into American historyFor the first time ever, here is renowned photographer Gertrude Käsebier's haunting collection of photographs of Native American performers from Buffalo Bill's Wild West show at the turn of the century. One hundred years later, Käsebier's portraits remain significant visual records into the lives of these Sioux performers and their nation. Her striking photographs capture the strength and character of each individual, documenting the complexity of true warriors playing a staged version of themselves.In 1898, Käsebier wrote to William F. Cody requesting to photograph Indians performing in his Wild West show at Madison Square Garden. Her photographs proved poignant. Her studio had no elaborate backdrops, and she removed Indian regalia to depict her subjects as "raw" individuals, with strong personalities and experiences that blurred the distinction between traditional life and contemporary times. Käsebier developed long relationships with several of the Indians, corresponding with a few for many years. Examples of these letters appear in the volume, as well as drawings done by Indians waiting in her studio, photographs of Dakota Sioux on their reservation, little-known historical background, and Wild West show memorabi...

  • ASIN: 0061129771
  • Buffalo Gals: Women Of Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show (Bills West Buffalo Wild) BUY NOW

    Buffalo Gals: Women Of Buffalo Bill's Wild West

    Buffalo Bill's Wild West brought an enormously successful performance spectacle to audiences throughout the United States and Europe between 1883 and 1916. Many talented and daring women performed alongside men in the Wild West shows, including tiny sharpshooter Annie Oakley. Annie and the other female performers represented the feminine side of an American tradition and brought a woman's touch to an otherwise uncivilized form of entertainment, but they also changed the way the world thought about women forever through the demonstration of their skills.

  • Brand: Brand: TwoDot
  • ASIN: 0762735651

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