American Beauty Scented Cup

American Beauty Scented Cup

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  • Farmaesthetics Adrenal Support Etheric Inhalation Oil .25 oz (American Beauty Cup Scented) BUY NOW

    Farmaesthetics Adrenal Support Etheric Inhalation Oil .25

    First, we are wired, then we are tired, and then comes the burnout... A scenario many of us relate to. But what is that cycle and how do we disrupt it? Let's talk adrenals (sweet little walnut-sized organs that sit on top of our hard-working kidneys) - Adrenal glands are vital to maintaining appropriate energy levels, but with our modern lifestyle causing adrenals to over-secrete hormones for flight or fight responses, we eventually become "fatigued" and "exhausted" from the relentless over-firing. Black spruce, pine, hemp and grapefruit are nature's age-old remedy to renew and support our adrenal complex function.

  • Brand: Farmaesthetics
  • ASIN: B0719WVSN8
  • UPC: 814086005084

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